Okefenokee FCFSeminole Chapter FCF – This is a women’s FCF Auxiliary in Florida.

FCF Calendar
FCF Event Follow-Up

The lady and the mill girl:
changes in the status of women in the age of Jackson

A Scarlet Scarf – This is the blog of Stacey Whitman, wife of Andy Whitman RR Missionary to Africa.

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Royal Ranger — FCF Webpage Links

National FCF Webpage:
Georgia Royal Ranger Webpage:
Southeast Region Royal Ranger Webpage:
National Royal Ranger Webpage:

RR Frontier


2 thoughts on “Links

    This is the correct address for the Seminole Chapter FCF website, the one you have linked to is for Montana. We only have limited info on there for the Companion activities, I am trying to change that now! I was inducted into the Companion Fellowship this year, my name is Faithful Lioness, my Husband is Kodiak. I went traditional and made my Husband pick my name and introduce me to the women of the FCF. The call out was the first time I’d heard the name he picked for me and the reason he picked it. I really admire your website!! You have lots of great information on several diferrent topics that most of us find interesting!! I signed up to receive new post alerts, who knows, maybe we can give each other great ideas to further God’s Kingdom!!

    • Oh thank you I will fix that today! I am so excited that you want to share ideas! That is what i am hoping for, is to bring all the FCF ladies together to encourage one another and to further God’s kingdom! God bless you sister!

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