The Okefenokee Chapter of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF, originally called Frontiersmen Camping Fraternity) was founded during the summer of 1970 to give special recognition to the older boys and men who had distinguished themselves in advancement, training, and camping in the Georgia District.

The first meeting was held in September of 1970 at Brightmoor Camp in Griffin, Georgia near the banks of the Flint River in Spalding County.  At a lake surrounded by magnificent Georgia pines, FCF candidates were seated on the ground around a glowing council fire.  Approximately fifteen men were attending.

Dressed in buckskins and wearing coonskin caps, Paul Stanek and Ralph Palmerton opened the meeting with a ceremony that brought a feeling of mystery and expectancy.  As the blast of the hunter’s horn broke the stillness of the night, the first Okefenokee call-out was history.

After pledging to endure a time of testing, the candidates were led away into the wilderness carrying a large rope for an all-night vigil.  No one knew how the rope would be used nor the trials and testing awaiting the candidates.

The next morning following the vigil, the first candidates were officially inducted as members of the FCF.  This ceremony was conducted inside a beautifully painted tee-pee.

Since this occasion, many boys and men throughout the state of Georgia have enjoyed not only the state FCF activities, but have had the opportunity to travel nationally to witness thrilling experiences as FCF members from coast to coast gather to share the progress and excitement that has gripped the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship as a whole.


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