Tipi Ediquette

Tipi Etiquette

–       If the door is open, a friend may enter the tipi directly.  But if it is closed, he should announce his presence and wait for the owner to invite him to come in.

–       A male enters to the right and waits for the host to invite him to sit to the left of the owner at the rear.  Be hospitable.

–      Always assume your guest is tired, cold, and hungry.

–       Always give your guest the place of honor in the lodge and at the feast, and serve him in reasonable ways.

–       Invited guests are expected to bring their own bowls and spoons.

–       Never sit while your guests stand.

–       Women never sit cross-legged like men.  They can sit on their heels or with their legs to one side.

–       If your guest refuses certain foods, say nothing.  He may be under a fast.

–       Protect your guest as one of the family.

–       Do not trouble your guest with many questions about himself.  He will tell you what he wants you to know.

–       In another man’s lodge, follow his customs – not your own.

–       Never worry your host with your troubles.

–       Always repay calls of courtesy.  Do not delay.

–       Give your host a little present upon leaving.  Little presents are little courtesies and never offend.

–       Say “Thank You” for every gift, however small.

–       Compliment, even if you must strain the facts to do so.

–       Never walk between persons talking.

–       Never interrupt persons talking.

–       Always give place to your seniors in entering or leaving the lodge, or anywhere else.

–       Never sit while your seniors stand.

–       Never force your conversations on anyone.

–       Speak softly, especially before your elders, or in the presence of strangers.

–       Never come between anyone and the fire.

–       Do not stare at strangers.  Drop your eyes if they stare hard at you.

–       The woman of the lodge is the keeper of the fire, but the men should help with heavier logs.

–       Be kind.

–       Show respect to all men and women, but grovel to none.

–       Let silence be your motto, until duty bids you to speak.

–       Thank GOD for every meal.


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