Suggested Books & Videos

Recommended Books/Magazines/Videos

Scurlock Publishing Co.

2)  A Pilgrim’s Journey  Volume One  1986 – 1995
By Mark A. Baker
Scurlock Publishing Co.

3)  A Pilgrim’s Journey  Volume Two  1996 – 2005
By Mark A. Baker
Scurlock Publishing Co.

4)  Tidings From the 18th Century
(Colonial America How-To and Living History)
By Beth Gilgun
Scurlock Publishing Co.

5)  Who Was I?  Creating a Living History Persona
By Cathy Johnson
Graphics/Fine Arts Press

6)  Recreating the American Longhunter: 1740 – 1790
By Joseph Ruckman
Graphics/Fine Arts Press

7)  Sketch Book ’76: The American Soldier 1775 – 1781
By Robert L. Klinger
Pioneer Press

8)  An Historical Account of the Expedition Against the Ohio Indians in the Year 1764
(This is a good French and Indian War time period resource.)
By William Smith

9)  Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania
(This is a good Revolutionary War time period resource.)
By Rev. Joseph Doddridge

10)  Peter Kalm’s Travels in North America
(Peter Kalm lived in the 18th century and traveled…he recorded much of what he saw.)
By Peter Kalm

11)  Notes on the Settlement & Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia & Pennsylvania
By Dr. Joseph Doddridge

12)  Seedtime on the Cumberland
(A good Colonial Frontier source.)
By Harriette Simpson

13)  The Indian Tipi…Its History, Construction, and Use
By Reginald & Gladys Laubin


1)  Muzzleloader Magazine
Scurlock Publishing Co.

2)  On the Trail Magazine
(The Journal for Historical Trekkers, Reenactors & Students of Living History  1600 – 1840)


1)  Pioneering:  The Longhunter Series  (DVD)
Featuring Mark A. Baker
Scurlock Publishing Co.

A Source for Out of Print Books:

1)  Ayer Company Publishers, Inc.
“The First American Frontier Collection”
(Over 60 primary-source materials…are high in price though.)

Narrative Historical Novels:

I highly recommend reading the Winning of America series, by Allan W. Eckert.  Do not be put off by the size of these books.  (Each book is approximately 700-800 pages.)  These books are fact, not fiction, but written in narrative form, which makes for fast, interesting reading.  From the Intro of each book:  “Every incident described actually occurred; every date is historically accurate; every character regardless of how major or how minor actually lived the role in which he is portrayed.”

The series includes the following books in the order they were written, but it is not necessary to read them in this order.

The Frontiersmen
Wilderness Empire
The Conquerors
The Wilderness War
Gateway to Empire
Twilight of Empire

In addition, his book that is not in this series, That Dark and Bloody River, is a must for anyone with ancestors who settled in the Ohio River Valley.  One caution-these books are not for the squeamish.  Atrocities committed by both Europeans and Indians against each other are vividly described.

Mountains of Stone
By Orland Ned Eddins

The Winds of Change
By Orland Ned Eddins


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